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Beijing Opera Show

If you are traveling in Beijing and haven’t seen Peking Opera or Beijing Opera, you should make your time for a watch of the really Chinese traditional show. Viewed as one of the culture treasures of China, Beijing Opera, or Peking Opera is a form of traditional Chinese art with a lot of culture meanings and artistic appeal. Because of Peking opera, Beijing, the capital of China, a city with so much history and culture, becomes a more charming city. Therefore, it is necessary for all Beijing Tour travellers to watch Beijing Acrobatic Show Night Tour, Beijing Kung Fu Show Night Tour or Beijing Opera Show during your trip to Beijing. An excellent Beijing Tour should not be limited to a proper Beijing Great Wall Tour only, as there are too many interesting Beijing attractions that worth for a visit other than the popular Mutianyu Great Wall Tour, Great Wall Hiking and Great Wall Camping.

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About Peking Opera / Beijing Opera

Before you watch Peking Opera, you should have some Beijing Opera knowledge to better understand the performance. For a Peking Opera show, there are 5 main roles: the Sheng for male role, the Dan for female role, the Jing, who always have a painted face, for a forceful character, the Mo for old male role and the Chou for male clown role.

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Most people are familiar with the masks of Peking opera, or we say it Facial Makeup. Different patterns and colors of facial makeup in Beijing Opera reflect different people’s characters, for example, red colored face expresses loyalty, bravery and justice.
Peking Opera costumes include clothing, hat, shoes and accouterments, an important part of Peking opera show. Sometimes Peking Opera costumes don’t reflect the season because it is only designed for his role in the play. For Peking Opera stage, it is usually very simple: 1 desk and 2 chairs or so. As different characters coming to the stage, different scenes will be created.

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Beijing Opera Show Tickets

To watch Peking Opera Show, Liyuan Theater is the first choice. Liyuan Theater is well located in Beijing Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, 15 minute drive from the Forbidden City.

Liyuan Theater Beijing for Peking Opera Show
Show time: 7:30pm-8:40pm
Tickets type:
RMB180/USD27, RMB280/USD42, RMB380/USD57,
RMB480/USD72, RMB680/USD101
Booking Tel: 86-13811560776

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